A new environment generates new needs and calls for a new standard. In 2011, the NQSA (Nuclear Quality Standard Association) - open to all major nuclear utilities, nuclear engineers and manufacturers - responded to the nuclear supply chain challenges in terms of quality and safety by creating and promoting a new standard: NSQ-100.

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NSQ-100 – is a new standard based upon ISO 9001:2008 and two other major nuclear quality standards IAEA GS-R-3:2006 and ASME NQA-1-2008 (and addenda 2009).
NSQ-100 standard is also completed by the correspondence matrix to GS-R-3 standard called NSQ-110.

NSQ-100 aims to provide high quality and reduce costs and supply chain delivery time.

The NSQ-100 standard will fulfil the following needs:

  • Based on major nuclear quality standards
  • Guide suppliers through a unique and shared quality platform
  • Standardize requirements in a globalized market
  • Help increase the safety culture

This new standard has been elaborated with 3 main pillars in mind: nuclear quality, nuclear safety and project quality

This provides a full range of benefits for the nuclear industry

All major nuclear industry players will work towards the same goals as their suppliers

It will help increase the safety culture

Capitalize on know-how and competence in the supply chain

Industrialize the nuclear supply chain by increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving quality

Mutual recognition of supplier assessment and increased transparency in the supply chain

Be part of the nuclear movement and join NQSA!

NQSA welcomes all major nuclear utilities, engineering companies and manufacturers that are eager to provide tomorrow’s framework for further evolutions as well as creating a nuclear oriented supplier evaluation process.
The Nuclear Industry is getting ready for a new era.  

Follow the new trend, be NSQ-100 certified!

If you are a nuclear supplier, you may be interested in being NSQ-100 certified. To get more information about the certification process, have a look at the dedicated part of the website.


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