NQSA’s E-exam process

This E-exam is an online questionnaire that is a part of a qualification process developed by the association in order to qualify Certification Body’s (CB) auditors to the NSQ-100 standard.  The E-exam is intended for auditors who have successfully followed a NSQ-100 training course performed by a qualified training provider. The candidate has one year maximum starting from the training date to sit the exam.


In order to sit the NSQ-100 E-exam candidates must:

  • Download the E-exam application form for CB auditors
  • Choose the exam date
  • Fill in the form and send it with the requested documents to NQSA General Secretary (via email) at least 7 working days before the E-exam date
  • Do the Initial Validation: 3 working days before the E-exam date after receipt of his/her login, password alongside the “NQSA E-exam Student Guide” and the link for the E-exam platform.  
  • Sit the exam



After 2 working days the candidate will receive his/her E-exam report. 

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