NQSA's NSQ-100 qualification process

This page will be updated soon with regards to NQSA vision of the ISO 19443 certification.
NQSA's qualification process is a guarantee to:
  • promote the application of a robust quality standard,
  • provide a framework for further evolutions of the standard, 
  • set a "nuclear oriented" supplier evaluation process to further prepare a new certification scheme.

NQSA, the way to ensure the qualification of the nuclear suppliers

Qualification of certification bodies

If you are a certification body,and you want to be qualified by NQSA, you can get more information about the qualification process by visiting the Download procedure webpage.

Then, you can take contact with the Certification bodies that have been qualified by NQSA.

The Nuclear Industry is organizing itself for a new era !

  • All major nuclear industry players will work towards the same direction with their suppliers
  • The standard helps improve the safety culture
  • Provides a way to capitalize on tried and true industrial practices already used in other industries while simultaneously strenghtening the integration of nuclear requirements.
  • A greater incentive for suppliers to cope with demand
  • A capitalization of know-how and competence in the supply chain

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