About Us

The Nuclear Quality Standard Association is a nonprofit association jointly launched by Areva and Bureau Veritas in January 2011. Open to all major nuclear utilities, nuclear engineers and manufacturers, NQSA promotes the application of the ISO 19443 standard (substitute of NSQ-100 standard), and sets a nuclear oriented supplier evaluation process.

A new environment requires new needs

The creation of the NQSA was prompted by the fact that many nuclear professionals were faced with numerous challenges in terms of safety and quality of nuclear supply chains.

Emerging Nuclear challenges generates new needs

  • An increasing demand for safety and quality
  • newcomers include countries already with a nuclear culture as well as newcomers to the nuclear energy world
  • Technical support
    Development support for their local economies
  • Customer expectations for quality of products, services and lead time.

High quality expectations from regulators and manufacturers

  • Higher safety and quality expectations from regulators, utilities and manufacturers due to technological advances.
  • Authorities consider supply chain control to be a major stake in the nuclear renaissance with higher safety and quality expectations.

A growing need for the supply chain to be re-installed in a global environment

Loss of expertise in traditional supply chain due to lack of new constructions in recent years

A diversified and complex supply chain due to globalization effects 

New supply chain players without nuclear experience 

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