Verify that the certification procedures are consistent
We take of
safety and quality
in the nuclear supply chain

Consider the benefit of establishing a nuclear industry-controlled certification scheme

Some other industries, such aerospace, automotive and rail rolling stock, have developed a sector-specific QMS standard and a system of oversight to verify that the certification procedures are consistent. Nuclear safety regulators have been unwilling to accept ISO 9001 certification as sufficient in the nuclear industry in the light of variable accreditation of QMS auditors and the perception that some certification bodies may enjoy too cosy a relationship with their clients.

Together with the World Nuclear Association, Nuclear Quality Standard Association is facilitating discussion between nuclear operators, reactor vendors and original equipment manufacturers to look at the potential establishment of an industry-controlled other party accreditation and certification scheme covering the auditing of suppliers to the nuclear sector to ISO 19443.

A Roadmap with three directions of work is proposed
While there are different existing schemes in other industries, the Parties will cooperate on defining the most adequate scheme: scope, participants, rules, governance, functioning, and interface with other organisations (such as regulators or accreditation bodies) or nuclear industry associations (for example, reactor owners’ group, WANO, NUPIC, CANPAC).
To work on the terms of exchange between major nuclear industry stakeholders on the quality performance of nuclear supply chains, by studying the exchange platforms that exist in the aerospace, automotive and the railway industries.
To work on a scheme to strengthen
the competence of the ISO 19443 auditors by
  • Reviewing the competency expectations and independence of auditors and the mechanisms through which the industry will ensure these expectations are met;
  • Collecting good practices on the performance of quality auditors;
  • Reflecting on a training-qualification-supervision scheme for auditors under ISO 19443 that can be controlled by the industry.
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