Frequently Asked Questions about NQSA and NSQ-100 standard.

How do you obtain ISO 19443?

Purchase from ISO https://www.iso.org or National Standards Bodies.

What is the structure of NQSA?

The origin of this initiative is a joint AREVA and BUREAU VERITAS project which led to the creation of the NQSA association, governed by the french law of July 01st 1901 (registration number : W922003625). See an extract of NQSA’s Members’ statutes.

Nowadays, we have 8 members in the Association: Framatome, BUREAU VERITAS, Federal State Unitary Enterprise VO “Safety”, ROLLS-ROYCE, WNA (World Nuclear Association), ROSATOM, MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) and ENGIE 

NQSA is open to all major nuclear power plant’s supply chain including utilities, nuclear vendors, nuclear architects and engineering companies as well as certification bodies. 

How to become a NQSA member?

If you are a major utility company, a nuclear engineering company, a nuclear vendor or a certification body, send a letter to the NQSA Chairman at the following address with a memorandum attached of your activities relating to the Association’s object in justification of your intention: 


To Mr Denis Bourguignon
At the Attention of Mr Thierry ZUMBIHL
Le Triangle de l’Arche
8, Cours du Triangle – CS20098
92937 Paris La Defense Cedex

In your application, you should also precise if you want to be a permanent or an observer member.
Your demand will be examined during a NQSA board of Directors session and our objective is to provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

NSQ-100 vs IAEA GS-R-3, ASME NQA-1, KTA 1401 and RD-0034

NSQ-100 is based on the principles of the major nuclear quality standards (IAEA GS-R-3 : 2006, ASME NQA-1- 2008 and addenda 2009, RD-0034 (09/2008), AFCEN/RPP-1

For the time being, the five correspondence matrices available on NQSA website are: 

  • the NSQ-110, NSQ-100 vs IAEA GS-R-3 v2006 
  • the NSQ-130, Version 0_KTA 2013_Sept 2014_Corrected FIN
  • the NSQ-140, NSQ-100 vs NNR RD-0034 rev0 (South African regulation)
  • the NSQ-150, NSQ-100 vs AFCEN/RPP1
  • the NSQ-160, NSQ-100 vs 10 CFR 50 Appendiix B 

Will we have a guidance material for all the chapters of the NSQ-100?

Yes, you can download from NQSA website, for free access, the guidelines which cover all NSQ-100 chapters.

How to be certified NSQ-100?

For the time being, only Bureau Veritas Certification is qualified by NQSA to deliver NSQ-100 certificate. NQSA drafts the specifications to set in place the main principles of NSQ-100. 

You can download here, for free access, the both procedures :

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